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Games for kids

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Games for kids nobody lyrics

Postby Taumi В» 07.12.2019


Lyrics submitted by Ice , edited by RobotechMaster. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - T. Read More Edit Wiki. Games People Play song meanings. Add your thoughts 17 Comments. General Comment Since "The Turn of a Friendly Card" is a concept album dealing with gambling, this song isn't about any relationship. It's about why people begin to gamble. Everybody else has grown up and you still haven't achieved anything because you always wait for destiny to solve problems for you.

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I think it's more about a couple that has lost the feelings towards each other a long time ago, but kept together for their childs sake. Now that they've grown up, and maybe even left home they wonder what to do now. They have been left to themselves, the kids won't even call them how do we spend our lives knowin' nobody gives us a damn Should they try to revive the long lost sparks?

But how could they, if they've come to know each other so well, so they can't even lie about it If I promise you the Moon and the Stars, Would you believe it? The only thing that's clear is that he's not willing to Quietly fade away, so he want's to leave. Don't think he'll do it, dough. Inertia is a powerful state. General Comment Seems like they're just realising their eventual mortality to me, don't know what left to do with life, feel like they've done everything.

General Comment The lyrics never indicate whose children. Where do we go from here now that all other all of the children It may be a couple that never had children. Now that they are reaching their twilight years they are filled with sadness that there's no one to lend us a hand nobody gives a damn. A lonely death is surely a sad one. Ain't gonna spend the rest of my life, Quietly fading away Could it be related to "do not go gentle into that good night"?

Not sure how all this relates to Games people play or Honor Brite. General Comment I like to think this song is about an artistic couple who moved out to the suburbs 20 years ago to raise their children.

When the youngest one graduates from High School the husband immediately realizes they are out in a big lonely house with each other-having lost each other long ago while being tied up in soccer games, school activities, potluck dinners He is asking the wife what they should do as he'd like to move to a small townhome in the city and feel creative and flourish, realize his dreams, now that all of the children are grown up. The wife, on the other hand, enjoys the suburban life, her bridge games with the other wives that go late into the middle of the night because the housewives get real drunk and gossip about each other The husband feels that if he stays in the deadly boring burbs, he will fade away and perhaps die faster than if he had an active life in a more stimulating environment.

So he doesn't wanna stay there no more.. But in fact, neither of them really know what they want to do with themselves now that all of the children have grown up My Interpretation This was the first APP song I heard and fell in love with, which I do associate personally with being a kid, but I remember loving this song, then and now. And at the time, "games" to me, meant board games. As I grew older, this song to me, along with the casino theme of the album, seemed like it was from the point of view of an aging black jack dealer or floor manager of the casino - someone who has been an employee there for several years, having seen a lot over the years, and being tired and burned out, wanting out of casino life.

I imagine someone in that role would be like the furniture or a fly on the wall, unnoticed but an observer to the unsavory side of casino life knowledge of illicit affairs, high profile clientele, prostitution, drug deals, other illegal activities, watching people come and go and I took the "all the children have grown up" to mean he has seen generations of people come and go, either children of his co-workers, or seeing fathers, sons, and their sons come and go in the casino.

In the song, the singer seems to be at a point in his life where he wants to walk away from it all, which may not be so easy to do, with everything that he knows. He seems a bit jaded, "where do we spend our lives knowing nobody gives us a damn? He doesn't like the fact that these types of activities and this lifestyle is part of "business as usual".

I could be totally wrong, but the fast-paced synth of it brings to mind that this song is from the point of view of an observer, not someone who is necessarily involved in the activities. Great song.

Always loved it. General Comment I think it's a protest about politics. Helps that I feel this way now. What do we tell our children? Now that the exact opposite of the candidate I want is in office, and his plans for the future sound like doomsday to me, I want to leave the country. I don't want to stay here, where my opinion means nothing, and quietly fade into irrelevance. And what do you care?

You believe all the lies they told to get their candidate into the Oval Office? Who even cares if I was right all along? Even if I told you the truth would you believe me? It's hopeless. It's obviously about being on the losing side of something, and not being able to convince anyone of yours That's my take on it. I voted for Trump and your opinion and vote counts just the same as mine which is 1 out of million which is not much for either of us.

Get on with your own life because if you believe politics is the answer, you are a lost soul. Flag realize on March 21, I'm sure!

I know Alan Parsons Project is from the 80's. It sounds to me like they were on the losing side of an issue from way back then. It fits that it's political, because the lyrics suggest frustration with an outcome that leaves not only his peers, but even their children in uncertainty, and nobody wants to hear his opinion.

Sounds like he wanted the unpopular candidate. The author could have been opposed to Ronald Reagan's reelection, for instance. Flag michaelw0u on May 19, General Comment Actually it's about how people are fake even the one you knew for whole life, they changed or they are just fake and come to you only if they want something or just leave you when you need them most.

MichalD Bingo! It's pretty clear. General Comment No it's not. General Comment yea. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Games People Play lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Join Now!

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official music video, time: 4:04
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Re: games for kids nobody lyrics

Postby Megal В» 07.12.2019

Sweet Like Chocolate. Black And White Town. General Comment Since "The Turn of a Friendly Card" is a concept album dealing with gambling, this song isn't about any relationship.

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Re: games for kids nobody lyrics

Postby Ketaur В» 07.12.2019

I'm Still Waiting. Something Old Something New. Remember Me. Hole In My Shoe [Version].

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Re: games for kids nobody lyrics

Postby Jur В» 07.12.2019

I'm Gonna Be Miles. Diamonds Are Forever. Storm In A Teacup.

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